New SJ MOSFETs for noise suppression in small motor devices

21-07-2023 | ROHM Semiconductor | Power

ROHM has added three new models, the R60xxRNx series, to its PrestoMOS lineup of 600V Super Junction MOSFETs. These devices are optimised for driving small motors in refrigerators, ventilation fans, and other applications where noise suppression is essential.

The company began mass production of the PrestoMOS lineup of super junction MOSFETs, providing the industry's fastest reverse recovery time(trr) characteristics and obtaining high marks for attaining lower power consumption. The lineup comprises three new models that deliver best-in-class noise characteristics while maintaining the fast trr through an optimised structure.

The new R60xxRNx series maintains the high-speed trr characteristics of PrestoMOS while minimising noise. The industry-best trr of 40ns is accomplished by improving conventional lifetime control technology, decreasing switching losses by approximately 30% over general products, which translates to lower application power loss. At the same time, the newly developed super junction structure lowers noise characteristics (which are inversely related to faster trr) by about 15dB compared to standard products (under the company's measurement conditions at 40MHz). Providing industry-leading characteristics decreases the number of man-hours and parts needed for noise countermeasures.

Application examples include refrigerators, ventilation fans, fan motors, and is also suitable for various devices equipped with small motors.

By Seb Springall