High precision smart sensor for wearable and smartphone applications

09-08-2023 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

Mouser now stocks the BHI360 programmable IMU smart sensor from Bosch. This intelligent sensor system produces a best-in-class performance-to-power consumption ratio yet, with its small size, is easy to integrate and the built-in, ready-to-use software algorithms. The highly integrated, ultra-low-power sensor may be customised for high-performance applications, including wrist wearable devices, head-mounted devices, smartphones, and AR/VR/MR headsets.

The smart sensor integrates a best-in-class gyroscope with an accelerometer enabling full customisation. The integrated sensor fusion library allows 3D audio with head orientation for personalised sound experiences and simple gesture recognition.

The programmable IMU includes an integrated, low-power custom processor. This processor can run simpler sensor processing algorithms, such as gesture detection or step counting, therefore, avoiding waking the central device processor and keeping power consumption ultra-low. The custom processor also helps attain better power consumption for high-end algorithms.

The sensor provides fast SPI (50MHz) and I2C (3.4MHz) host interfaces and multiple SPI, I2C, and GPIO interfaces for external sensors. The device is housed in a compact 20-pin LGA package measuring 2.5mm x 3mm x 0.95mm, making it excellent for even the most space-constrained applications. Typical total current consumption is lower than 600μA for 3D orientation.

The smart sensor is supported by the BHI360 Shuttle Board 3.0. Enabling the evaluation of the smart sensor, the Shuttle Board 3.0 also includes a BME688 AI-based environmental sensor, a BMM350 magnetometer, a pressure sensor, and a magnetometer. The board allows easy access to sensor pins through a simple socket and can be directly plugged into the Bosch Application Board 3.0 sensor prototyping platform.

By Seb Springall