New features to turn test performance into business performance

02-08-2023 | NI | Industrial

NI, formerly National Instruments, has revealed a notable upgrade to its flagship product LabVIEW. For nearly 40 years, LabVIEW has been the industry-standard product in data acquisition, instrument control and automation. These latest improvements additionally aid engineers in using test insights and data to drive product and business performance.

“It was exciting to see the appreciation from the audience at NI Connect when we demonstrated the upcoming ease-of-use improvements with this new version of LabVIEW,” says Eric Reffett, director of Product Management at NI. “Additions like Zoom and quick change are meaningful in a graphical development environment, and we are energised by both the engagement we got from the community during design, as well as the impact we know it will have.”

Also, NI and JKI entered a long-term collaboration to concentrate on improving package-related workflows in LabVIEW. This included expanding VI Package Manager (VIPM) features, making it more robust and versatile for developers, and adding Dragon. This initial release is aimed at using projects and packages, and the relationship will continue to enhance the way developers share and reuse code.

“I’m thrilled to work with NI,” says Jim Kring, CEO of JKI. “JKI first created VIPM to help LabVIEW developers build and reuse LabVIEW code libraries, and it has since helped developers for over a decade. This collaboration with NI expands both the functionality available to all LabVIEW developers in VIPM, as well as the access developers have to resources available in, but this initiative is just the beginning.”

The new features have made it more user-friendly, efficient and powerful for supporting test professionals and engineers who focus on turning test performance into business performance

By Seb Springall