Development starter kit for fast haptics prototyping

13-09-2023 | TDK | Industrial

TDK Corporation offers a new development starter kit for fast haptics prototyping. It provides mechanical designers and engineers with first impressions of the haptic feedback with PowerHap piezo actuators, illustrates how the mechanical integration works, and supplies a reference design which can be adapted to various applications. PowerHap piezo actuators provide an unprecedented quality of haptic feedback based on their unrivalled acceleration, force, and response time performance. Example applications include automotive (e.g., steering wheels, displays, dashboards, buttons), smartphones, displays and tablets, household appliances, ATMs and vending machines, game controllers, VR gloves, industrial equipment, and medical devices.

The PowerHap Starter Kit (Z63000Z2910Z01Z73) comprises a seamless button assembly (including PowerHap 1204H018V060 and PowerHap 1313H018V120), a round button assembly (including PowerHap 1204H018V060), the BOS1901-Kit driver board from Boréas Technologies, extra PowerHap devices (including FPC connection cable), USB cable, and a quick start user guide.

The BOS1901-Kit platform in the starter kit is pre-programmed for the seamless button and the round button so that it is achievable to experience sensing and haptics with the actuators out-of-the-box. The platform's features make customising and tailoring the haptic experience straightforward by altering the sensing detection parameters and the haptic feedback waveform.

By Seb Springall