High-definition oscilloscopes support development of automobiles and other applications

19-09-2023 | Yokogawa | Test & Measurement

High-definition oscilloscopes support development of automobiles and other applications

Yokogawa Test & Measurement Corporation has released the DLM5000HD series high-definition oscilloscopes. Set as a high-performance version of the DLM5000 series, the new series extends the company's oscilloscope lineup with 500MHz and 350MHz frequency bandwidth models that provide higher resolution for more accurate waveform analysis and features that enhance usability and allow easier setup.

The series comprises two eight-channel models (500MHz DLM5058HD and 350MHz DLM5058HD) and two four-channel models (500MHz DLM5054HD and 350MHz DLM5034HD).

The series delivers a 12-bit vertical resolution that is 16 times higher than the existing DLM5000 series for greater accuracy in waveform observation. This is notably beneficial for developers of next-generation inverters, allowing the accurate observation of minute changes in high-speed signals. This enables the detection of phenomena that can induce unexpected anomolies.

Another useful feature of the series is that the time-saving serial bus analysis auto-setup function, which automatically sets the optimal bit rate and threshold level, can now be utilised with previously captured waveforms. This indicates that auto-setup can even be utilised for low-frequency signals, enhancing the efficiency of in-vehicle bus development and evaluation work.

The series can store up to one billion points of acquired data, which is twice that of the DLM5000 series. This permits users to store history data on up to 200,000 captured waveforms as history waveforms. As well as doubling the number of waveforms that can be searched and compared utilising the long memory, this denotes a single device can measure the behaviour of braking systems and other apparatuses that require to be captured at a high sampling rate for several milliseconds, enhancing the efficiency of evaluation and analysis work.

Measurements can be captured with up to 16 analog channels and 64 bits of logic (eight 8-bit logic channels) by utilising the DLMsync function to operate two eight-channel units. This permits the simultaneous measurement of analog and logic signals to, for example, analyse numerous power-on sequences while debugging an electronic control unit.

Target Markets include Car electronics; power electronics such as electronic devices, inverters, and power generation devices; electronics such as household appliances and air conditioners; and mechatronics such as industrial devices.

By Seb Springall