Miniaturised IR sensor modules for code learning applications

07-09-2023 | Vishay | Semiconductors

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. now offers three new miniaturised IR sensor modules for remote control systems. Offering modulated carrier output for code learning applications, the Vishay Semiconductors dual-lens TSMP95000 and single-lens TSMP96000 and TSMP98000 combine a broad supply voltage range from 2V to 5.5V with low typical power consumption of 0.35mA at 3.3V.

Providing a new in-house designed IC to ensure long-term availability and decreased lead times, the devices supply pin-to-pin compatible replacements for previous-generation solutions while supplying higher performance. As well as a wider supply voltage range and 50% lower power consumption, the devices provide a smaller bandwidth from 30kHz to 60kHz for better noise robustness, higher ESD withstand capability to the 12kV human body model, and improved performance under strong DC light.

The sensor modules will be employed to learn remote controls in industrial warehouse robotics and consumer electronics such as TVs, STBs, sound bars, gaming consoles, etc. To streamline designs in these products, each device combines one or more photodiodes and a preamplifier in a single epoxy package that serves as an IR filter. The surface-mount TSMP95000 and TSMP96000 are presented in Heimdall and Panhead packages, respectively, while the leaded TSMP98000 offers a Minicast package.

Supplying TTL and CMOS compatibility, the devices provide a typical irradiance of 12mW/m2 and a transmission distance of 1.8m typical when used with a single TSAL6200 emitter. The sensor modules are RoHS-compliant, halogen-free, and Vishay Green.

By Seb Springall