Automotive connectivity solution gets green light in Europe

22-08-2023 | Cohda Wireless | Automotive & Transport

Cohda Wireless’s connected vehicle technology solution, the MK6, has attained CE Certification in Europe, laying the ground for its implementation across a continent that is making considerable progress in the rollout of a connected and intelligent transport system. The solution is also RER certified for the UK.

The company launched the MK6 in late 2022 as the world’s most advanced and versatile V2X connectivity solution. RSU (Road-Side Unit) and OBU (On-Board Unit) provide a complete connectivity capability as standard features, incorporating DSRC, C-V2X, LTE/5G and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth. Its V2X stack and applications are already widely deployed in the industry, but the solution is its most capable, versatile, and powerful platform to date.

The industry has received the announcement that the solutions achieved the green light in Europe. Dr Martin Srotyr of the Department of Applied Informatics in Transport at the Czech Technical University in Prague said the arrival of the MK6 marks a noteworthy advancement in connected car technology on European roads.

“The availability of the MK6 supports our development and testing plans in several ways,” explained Dr Srotyr. “It allows us to work with the latest V2X technology, which includes both ITS-G5 and 5G communications capabilities, and validate the interoperability of our systems. Within our CertiLab laboratory at the Faculty of Transportation, Czech Technical University, we can test the compatibility and performance of our connected vehicle technologies in conjunction with MK6 units, ensuring seamless communication between our solutions and the wider V2X ecosystem.”

Michele Rondinone, senior engineer in Electronics System Development at the Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Centre in Germany, said that the MK6 provides a complete and flexible platform for current and future C-ITS services across the continent.

“In the MK6, we get an all-in-one solution for experimenting C-ITS services in the European landscape,” stated Dr. Rondinone.

Europe’s progress in transforming its roads and highways continues to gain momentum. According to Dr Martin Srotyr, ongoing efforts to deploy infrastructure, establish communication standards, and create regulatory frameworks demonstrate a strong commitment to realising the benefits of connected vehicles.

“As part of our CertiLab laboratory activities, we are active in international European Working Groups and contribute to the development, integration and evaluation of this technology. We are excited to witness and contribute to the positive impact that connected vehicle technology will have on European roads and highways,” stated Dr Srotyr.

Dr Rondinone echoed this sentiment: “Europe is the recognised frontrunner for C-ITS deployment. A structured ecosystem including the EU Commission, Road operators, and OEMs working together closely for implementation, deployment and operation of C-ITS has been built. At the same time, large publicly funded innovation actions look at C-ITS as a future enabler for highly automated driving introduction.”

In developing the sixth generation MK6, the company has applied its experience and involvement in some of the world’s most prolific trials and deployments, including the 3000+ vehicle New York Connected Vehicle Project as well as Australia’s largest connected vehicle pilot, the Ipswich Connected Vehicle Project.

The solution features NXP Semiconductors’ RoadLink SAF5400 and SXF1800 chipsets and the Qualcomm Snapdragon Auto 5G Modem-RF Platform.

By Seb Springall